Eagle Acoustics

Who We Are

Eagle Acoustics is a US consumer and professional audio manufacturer of radically designed, high performance, loudspeaker technology. We manufacture and design the thinnest, lightest and coolest-running subwoofer systems in the world. Eagle Acoustics is committed to becoming the leader in the resurgence of US loudspeaker manufacturing and production and builds all of our products in the United States.

Our History

It all began with the desire for trunk space. Like most people, we didn't like giving up trunk space for the premium large loudspeaker system included in vehicle purchases. And for all the space the system consumed, the sound quality wasn't great. Our desire to create a new driver culminated in the highly regarded, patented ThinDriver
® technology.  Eagle Acoustics Manufacturing is expanding our product line to include audio solutions for the home, mobile devices, and professional events such as concerts, musicals, and plays. 

Our Mission

To produce the greatest sounding audio in the thinnest, coolest, and lightest system packages possible!