We Now Have Square Speaker Drivers!

Using our patented ThinDriver technology we can create any shape or size speaker driver. So why square? It’s simple; a square speaker driver can produce 25% more volume than a round speaker driver.  Click here for more information.

Good things come in small packages

The new GoPlay™ is a lightweight, compact Bluetooth speaker that delivers a big, bold, high-fidelity sound. GoPlay's battery lets you listen to your tunes for days at a time; much longer than other speakers. And you can keep your device playing longer with GoPlay’s built-in USB charger.

Explore how we're adapting ThinDriver technology to improve your home, car, and other listening experiences.

Once again we've revolutionized the audio landscape!

Eagle Acoustics has gained praise for our patented ThinDriver® technology. Now we're using that technology to improve your mobile listening experience. We've developed the industry’s thinnest speaker that doesn't sacrifice sound quality. Our exceptional ThinDriver technology is putting high-fidelity sound in spaces where it’s never been before. 

Introducing the GoPlay!