Heat Up Your Concerts, Not Your Loudspeakers

Did you give up trunk space for your stereo speakers?  Now you don't have to. You can reclaim your trunk.

Eagle Acoustic speakers fill your car with rich sound without filling up trunk space. Our patented ThinDriver technology offers incredible true bass and balanced sound in a design that fits inside most car door panels and beneath seats. Use your trunk for other things that are important to you, not your speakers.

Our Mini ThinDriver technology produces the thinnest, lightest speaker driver on the market.

Mobile Audio

Eagle Acoustics is committed to producing the thinnest, lightest, coolest-running loudspeaker systems in the world.

Our patented ThinDriver
® technology represents the most radical speaker design in 90 years.

Introducing the GoPlay™ Bluetooth Speaker Featuring Mini ThinDriver Technology

Key Features

  • Battery life 10X longer than other devices: Play your music for days before needing to charge your GoPlay
  • GoPlay isn't just a cool speaker: GoPlay will rapidly charge your mobile device while playing your tunes
    (Don't worry, you can still go days without a charge)

  • Lightweight, compact design: Fits easily in a backpack or messenger bag
  • GoPlay has speakers on both sides: Everyone in the room can hear (great for video and conference calls)
  • Rich sound quality: Enhances video streaming enjoyment
  • Broad frequency range: Captures highs and lows for a full, rich sound
  • Compatible with popular smartphones and tablets: Works with Android and iOS devices
Eagle Acoustics

Professional Audio

Whether you're listening to your favorite tunes, enjoying an engrossing audio book, or streaming a blockbuster video on your smartphone or tablet, GoPlay provides a rich high-fidelity sound unmatched by other mobile speaker solutions. GoPlay (featuring Mini ThinDriver technology) works with all Bluetooth enabled devices, including today’s popular smartphone and tablet models.

Experience Rich Theater Sound In Any Size Room

Before Mini ThinDriver technology, if you wanted to share the tunes on your phone, or amp up the volume when streaming video, your only option was a speaker with poor sound quality and a weak battery life. 

Key Features

  • Broad frequency range delivers highs and lows for a full, rich sound
  • Experience clear, rich, pure sound at all audio levels whether you're listening to thumping party tunes or a whispered line from a streaming video
  • The industry's thinnest speaker profile
  • Our cabinets are as much as 1/3 the size of other home audio solutions
  • Fully customizable and scalable, our products can go in awkward spaces where other speakers can't
You don’t need big speakers to enjoy big sound!

Fill Your Car With Sound,

Not Your Trunk With Speakers

 Key Features

  • Enjoy clear, rich true-to-signal sound at all audio levels
  • The industry's thinnest subwoofer profile
  • Design flexibility means that virtually any shape and size speaker is available
  • Variable shapes fit in tight spaces like doors, roof panels and designer specific locations
  • Up to 60% lighter than other auto loudspeaker brands (our 12" subwoofer weighs less than 20 pounds)


Available with or without our custom enclosure

Key Features

  • Cool running technology extends loudspeaker life
  • Greater cone area delivers true-to-signal sound through all audible levels
  • Lightweight design reduces freight costs
  • Design flexibility; speakers custom made for your unique needs
  • Although lightweight, our speakers are strong enough to withstand repeated set-ups and tear downs

Contact us to start designing your speaker setup

The GoPlay skin is completely customizable. You can express your personality and interests on your speaker.

Pick a color, choose a theme, upload your own photo or design, or add a favorite saying.  


ThinDriver technology is the basis for a number of exceptional products for your home, automotive, and mobile listening pleasure as well as professional sound needs.

Home Audio

Express Yourself: Make Your GoPlay As Unique As You Are

Robust, Rich Sound Now At Your Fingertips

Car Audio

Eagle Acoustics makes lightweight, professional quality speakers suitable for various events and environments

ThinDriver technology takes your home theater experience to a new level. Our patented ThinDriver technology produces a full, high-quality sound in a small package. Their size means our products will fit neatly between standard wall joists in the wall cavities or under furniture. No need for obtrusive, bulky cabinets or extra carpentry.

Eagle Acoustics' professional speakers with ThinDriver technology stay cooler than conventional concert loudspeakers. Our large diameter woofer is incredibly slim and lightweight providing time savings and improved efficiencies during event setup. Our ThinDriver technology helps you create a safer stage setting and better customer experience while producing exceptional sound.

Strong enough to stand on
(Not recommended)

Compare our 12-inch Pro speakers to conventional car speakers.  Eagle Acoustics speakers are considerably thinner and lighter.